Canadian artist Matthew Sweig is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design and is currently a practicing Landscape Architect in Toronto. He has endeavoured to paint the human environment as a parallel passion to that of design. He has exhibited his works in solo and group exhibitions across Canada as well as internationally since 2003.

Memory is the predominant theme in Sweig’s work. The subject matter of his work revolves around familiar artifacts and buildings either in a state of natural decay or intentional destruction. The theme of memory manifests itself in the history of inanimate objects that have unrecorded experiences. Human long-term memory is encoded semantically and is similarly evoked by capturing the object at the moment where the past has irrevocably been abandoned and an uncharted future is inevitable. Only in that brief moment prior to being successively and systematically replaced can the unique monumentality and beauty of the object be revealed. Freed from the banality of its surroundings, its greatness is now apparent.